Control Panels

Panel Fabrication

Embry Automation & Controls offers every step of panel fabrication for your industrial and automation needs including panel assembly, component selection, component assembly and mounting, and wiring.
Every single panel we fabricate is thoroughly tested for quality. Our methods make communicating the details of the process of your panel design, installation, and technical support as easy as possible. We make high quality products that are delivered on time, are cost-effective, and seamlessly integrate with your systems.

Turn Key Systems

The phrase “turn key” refers to a product that is made and prepared ready for immediate use once the customer has purchased it. Turn key systems makes reference to the fact that as soon as the customer has received this product they need only to “turn the key” and the system is ready to go.
At Embry Automation & Controls we design and produce computer systems that are custom built for a particular application. Our turn key systems include all the hardware and software necessary for the particular project. We are excited to work with you and design the perfect system for your business or corporation.

Electrical and Electronic Repair

Running into an electrical malfunction in an industrial setting can be extremely frustrating for the company by halting production resulting in a loss of time and profits.
Embry Automation & Controls is ready and waiting to respond to all of your electrical and electronic repair needs. Our experienced technicians are available to troubleshoot, analyze and repair your systems using the most efficient, methodical, and analytical approaches. With Embry, your repairs will be administered swiftly and effectively so that you can feel at ease even when those malfunctions occur.

Electrical Design

Electrical systems are groups of electrical components configured to carry out a particular operation. These types of systems are often combined with other systems into a network of subsystems designed to work together to carry out an overarching purpose.
Embry Automation & Controls will take your project’s functional specifications and work with you to determine the system’s purpose, make the design decisions, and furthermore install the system once it is ready.

We have worked with companies of all sizes. Contact us to learn how we can help you.