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As President of Embry Automation & Controls, Inc. Rick Embry brings hard work, dedication, and an uncanny ability to process information to every project he encounters.  As a youth, Rick spent as much time as possible outdoors exploring nature or disassembling anything from an alarm clock to a dirt bike in order to see how it worked.  Rick’s interest in computers began when he and his father ordered a Timex Computer kit from the back of Popular Science magazine to build together, long before most people knew of the existence of home computers. 

After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Evansville, Rick entered the professional arena.  Rick’s positions as an employee gave him the opportunity to work with both a multitude of PLC systems, AC and DC Drives within various industrial settings.  An example is serving as lead engineer for a $1.8 M Aluminum Reversing Mill automation upgrade that included replacing the existing Toshiba control system and 109 AC and DC drives with General Electric 90-70 PLCs and Siemens Master Drives.

In April of 2006 Rick Embry began Embry Automation & Controls, Inc.  With the support of his wife and son, Rick has grown his company from a single desk located in his bedroom to an over 20,000 square foot office and shop facility located in Evansville, Indiana.  Rick uses his youthful desire to understand how things work and applies it to both the administrative tasks of running a business and the technical tasks of assisting customers.   

While currently specializing in PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) programming and system integration, Rick’s ability to understand and apply industry principles allows him to succeed in most settings.  In both his professional and personal life, Rick’s highest priorities are to work hard and to exhibit integrity in all situations.

In his off time, Rick can still be found in the outdoors.  Hunting, fishing, and hiking all give a necessary break from the stresses of managing a growing company.  Also, somewhat to his wife’s chagrin, Rick still is known to take apart household items and explore their inner workings.   

Rick Embry

Rick Embry

After graduating from Ohio County High School, Richard Embry proudly served in the United States Air Force from 1972 to 1976 as a Flight Simulator Specialist.  Richard’s military service and rural upbringing provides the backdrop for the common sense and strong work ethic he applies to every project he tackles.

After leaving the Air Force, Richard raised a family of 3 children, worked full time, and still continued to study and expand his knowledge in the areas of electricity, technology, and electronics.  Mr. Embry’s early secondary education includes a diploma from the Devry Institution of Technology in Chicago, IL and an Associate of Industrial Electronics from Rend Lake College in Ina, IL.

Richard’s employment opportunities have allowed him to explore the workings of coal mines, metal processing facilities and manufacturing plants.  His 30 years of experience include working with High Voltage Substations, HVAC Systems, AC and DC Drives, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and General Control Systems.

In December of 2008, Richard Embry brought his wealth of knowledge and experience to Embry Automation & Controls, Inc.  As Richard has seen just about everything that can go wrong in an industrial setting, his methodical approach allows him to assess and repair a wide variety of issues, both in our shop and in the field. 

Currently Richard holds a Kentucky (which is recognized in Indiana) and Illinois Mine Electrical Card, as well as maintaining all need MSHA training for work in Underground and Surface Mining.  He has been recognized by the State of Illinois as having the ability to function as an Independent Contractor Supervisor. 

Richard’s curiosity and love of learning extends from nature to technology.  When he isn’t at work, Richard often takes his bike to the backroads and explores whatever he can find.

Richard Embry 2

Richard Embry

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